Energineering Solutions is a private partnership specializing in industrial efficiency optimization, strategic advisory and special project financing based on energy performance.

Due to our ten year experience in plant auditing, energy & heat transfer data analysis and redesigning solutions, we succeed to unveil waste energy potential related to industrial processes or HVAC for large facilities and implementing sophisticated solutions that efficiently recover energy from waste to financial profit.

The solutions developed by Energineering team are not only technically holistic but also seriously considering the financial characteristics of the the CAPEX & long term OPEX of the required investments, so they guarantee short payback period by ensuring optimum ROI.

Our expert engineers & economists have proven their capability of overcoming every challenge related to maximized efficiency of energy use in industrial processes or facilities that bear large energy costs. Owners and investors who wish to make the right steps to minimize such costs, are the ones who address our team in order to implement the principles of Holistic Energy Management in their production.

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